(she’s) FROZEN…Let it(her) go!


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Have been thinking lately of the story of the fourteen year old girl who died of cancer but had to go to the High Court to ensure her wishes were carried out by her mother and have her  body cryogenic-ally frozen.  Then to be thawed out at a later date when there would be a cure for her cancer and so she could have a life. The more I thought about this story the more I was disturbed. There was a lack of foresight on all involved parents and judge which leaves you wondering about peoples pulse of reality.

If this girl is thawed out, she will still be only fourteen years old, so in the law of the land: A child. My first thought was the parent who signed off on this must be assuming that a cure and the ability to thaw her out must be going to happen soon or else when the child is awakened (if that really is possible if you have been declared dead) then in all likelihood her parents will be elderly or dead. What a weight to place on a fourteen year old recovering cancer victim. Here’s your life- you have now become the main carer for your infirm parents. What were they thinking??

The physical situational reality of a body staying at the one age but life continuing all around it must have dawned on someone- you’d think. This leads to the realisation that all parties involved have the assumption that she will some how be resuscitated with her full memories intact. Without memories of a previous life how else would you know that you are living a life any different to the one you had before? And also that she won’t some how have forgotten that she had died young and so was regarded by ‘others’ as not having lived a life. And also the heavy reality of knowing that every single person she ever knew has aged  and moved on to another stage in life but she wasn’t part of that. That is a death in its self.

All in all this story, for me, showed people truly mired in grief that they couldn’t think straight. A situation of false hope costing £36,000 dollars. And as each day passes for her parents and her death becomes more distant and their own more imminent. What then? Will they still see things in the same light?





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Cause I’m a Soil Man…


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Still annoying myself about ‘What is the meaning of life’ I had my eyes opened to one explanation when my two Jehovah Witness friends called around. Genesis 2 V15.This verse is in relation to the Garden of Eden. Mankind was so commanded to work it and take care of it. But if you read on to Gen 3 V23 you find that also when Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden they still were made to “… work the ground from which he had been taken.”

Mankind is inexplicable linked to the earth, whether he likes it or not.We may think that by losing ourselves in a virtual world is the answer. But this is no answer. There is still a body requiring an earth to feed it. And for the virtual world to exist, a real world must also exist to house it with energy.

So we must live fully within our confines of the world and take care of it, for it to take care of us.

Abuse of the natural world only results in further suffering for ourselves.

There is an irony to life that natural systems exist in the world happily but yet when mankind extracts from the earth, eg metals, minerals, oil, gas etc then he meets a barrage of problems such as pollution, toxicity, ground instability, etc

Some times I think how does the world ever put up with mankind’s endeavours to exist unnaturally?



Ps Google phrase of the day ‘false world’

Take aim, and fire!


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If I was an American who would I vote for? With all the slurs of character defamation going on, at the moment, it is very difficult to recognise a true leader between the two on the stage at the minute. This week’s thought struck when I heard about Norway. Norway and its fence. Ever so quietly Norway has been building a fence between itself and Russia in the Artic. It says to stop the influx of migrants coming across its border.(Yeah whatever!) What a shocker!! But then a number of things crossed my mind:-

Trump is no different from others already in power. And previously I had denigrated his idea of building a wall. He who Trumps the Pope!

Walls and fences are built to keep other out. In centuries past Man fortified where he lived and hunkered down to protect himself from danger and surely with the state of the world at the moment, these are dangerous times we are living through. Thinking of world leaders and mindsets of today; Putin, Assad, Kim Jong-il, Mugabe etc, IS,etc. You realise that who ever is to be elected to this ‘Wonderful Group’ of people is going to have to be pretty special. A very tough cookie. And my other succinct thought was this; These are the sort of leaders who aren’t going to pay any heed to the opinions of a female leader…Don’t delude yourself by thinking voting a female will in someway show ’em. It won’t. World leadership is a pissing contest of the highest order.

(to paraphase)… I’m only saying…I’m only saying!


Ps Google phrase of the day ‘pissing contest’