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Was watching the news yesterday and it was dominated by the, horror of horrors, Gene editing. We were, of course led down the path that it would lead to a superior race of people (Me-snicker!!) or Designer Babies,(Me-snort!); yeah you get the picture- It could only mean the mutation of the human race. But in thinking this I realised one very important point-

Our bodies and souls are two completely different entities. Our souls are significantly unique and distinct from one another. We cannot ‘graft’ our souls onto one another and this is a very important point to note. But our bodies?? They are lego. We can take a piece here; stick it on there. Lose a limb? Not a problem. Sew you up and mechanics can now make you a metal one or even better. In short our bodies are so adaptable that they are truly not to be overly worried about.

I think so what if ‘THEY’ wish to make designer babies. Just because something looks perfect on the outside doesn’t automatically make it perfect on the inside. A perfect body does not ensure a perfect soul. A perfect soul is something we must work at all our lives to attain. And so you must ask yourself: What is a perfect soul? How do I gain knowledge of this perfection?

Perfection lies with God. Pure knowledge of God gains ‘soulperfection’.

Mess with our DNA all we like but we will only be doing as God commanded us to do;

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28

Subdue or conquer. Pick your word but the outcome is still the same. We are commanded to take this world and manipulate it to do our bidding.

But our souls? We must manipulate them to do God’s bidding to ensure perfection in this world.