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Still annoying myself about ‘What is the meaning of life’ I had my eyes opened to one explanation when my two Jehovah Witness friends called around. Genesis 2 V15.This verse is in relation to the Garden of Eden. Mankind was so commanded to work it and take care of it. But if you read on to Gen 3 V23 you find that also when Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden they still were made to “… work the ground from which he had been taken.”

Mankind is inexplicable linked to the earth, whether he likes it or not.We may think that by losing ourselves in a virtual world is the answer. But this is no answer. There is still a body requiring an earth to feed it. And for the virtual world to exist, a real world must also exist to house it with energy.

So we must live fully within our confines of the world and take care of it, for it to take care of us.

Abuse of the natural world only results in further suffering for ourselves.

There is an irony to life that natural systems exist in the world happily but yet when mankind extracts from the earth, eg metals, minerals, oil, gas etc then he meets a barrage of problems such as pollution, toxicity, ground instability, etc

Some times I think how does the world ever put up with mankind’s endeavours to exist unnaturally?



Ps Google phrase of the day ‘false world’