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If I was an American who would I vote for? With all the slurs of character defamation going on, at the moment, it is very difficult to recognise a true leader between the two on the stage at the minute. This week’s thought struck when I heard about Norway. Norway and its fence. Ever so quietly Norway has been building a fence between itself and Russia in the Artic. It says to stop the influx of migrants coming across its border.(Yeah whatever!) What a shocker!! But then a number of things crossed my mind:-

Trump is no different from others already in power. And previously I had denigrated his idea of building a wall. He who Trumps the Pope!

Walls and fences are built to keep other out. In centuries past Man fortified where he lived and hunkered down to protect himself from danger and surely with the state of the world at the moment, these are dangerous times we are living through. Thinking of world leaders and mindsets of today; Putin, Assad, Kim Jong-il, Mugabe etc, IS,etc. You realise that who ever is to be elected to this ‘Wonderful Group’ of people is going to have to be pretty special. A very tough cookie. And my other succinct thought was this; These are the sort of leaders who aren’t going to pay any heed to the opinions of a female leader…Don’t delude yourself by thinking voting a female will in someway show ’em. It won’t. World leadership is a pissing contest of the highest order.

(to paraphase)… I’m only saying…I’m only saying!


Ps Google phrase of the day ‘pissing contest’