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confucius_tree4A pleasant surprise had I the other day when an elderly person gave me, quite unexpectedly a present of some lovely plates and a box of unused knives from the sixties. The box of knives were completely original and even still had their paper sheaths on the blades.

Looking at the box I was predominately struck by this one thought: what is the point of mankind making useful implements only for them not to be used? This then led me to think what does this say about mankind and his ideas of wealth and collection? You can collect and collect but if the items do not get used, then they may as well never have been manufactured in the first place. Collections of unused things then equates to over-consumerism. This in turn highlights an ugly truth or two- greed and waste.

As beautiful as the knives were they should have been used. What good is beauty doing if that beauty never sees the light of day? (The Rapunzel Knife set!!)

Beauty is a way off adding to the world we surround ourselves with. It is more pleasant to live in a world in which we use beauty to add to our every day experience and not just save it for a special occasion.

Beautiful or not, though, there is still nothing worse than waste.



PS Google phrase of the day was ‘to beautify things around us’