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285dac97-8e44-4471-916f-7350719b7a6cRead a few interesting things during the week which questioned education and the state of society.http://www.newphilosopher.com/articles/why-school-must-change/

In this article the point is made that when home-life changes then school must change to bridge the gap. This hasn’t happened. And so the conclusion is drawn that school fails in properly preparing its youth to become well adapted members of society and hints that this may be the cause of what has been a snowballing effect of violence through the last few decades in society.

Now also this week I read an interview of Nadiya ( Great British Bake off winner) in which she talked about the stigma of being a housewife and how she was insulted for been seen as having no job as she waited to collect her two small children from playgroup/nursery. Now having experienced some of this myself; there is definitely a stigma attached to women who take on the responsibility of looking after their own children.

Add to this reading the following:21st centuryhousewife and you start to really question the role of women. Women no longer sacrifice their wants for others- Because they are worth it!- What did it do for society in a subconscious level when the person who brought you into this world devoted their time to you? Society likes to think that any care will do as long as it is professionally measured. But the effects of the change in society since the housewife of the fifties died in the sixties are still with us.

Any woman for whatever reason who upholds the vision of the ‘housewife’ is ridiculed. This in turn ridicules mothering. This can take the form of the seriously slippy remark from a mother “I’m too young to be made a granny!- a mother(its all about me!!) suggesting to her daughter’don’t become a mother’ ( I have heard this said a number of times sadly).  Subconsciously this makes the statement ‘Caring for others is a foolish thing- Don’t do it’. And hence  why we have the door wide open to a society where caring for others actively won’t happen unless you are getting paid to do it.

Technology and its importance of social media being touted as the root cause of  disconnection in society, in my mind is only a symptom of this disease.  The truth is that disconnection in members in society has been an ongoing event since the death of the housewife. And what was the biggest social shifter from the fifties to the sixities?? The pill. What is the purpose of the pill? To control motherhood. This control may have been seen as a great freedom provider but like all things on this earth : it comes with side effects! Think of the invention of TV; great for relieving boredom but unfortunately only now has the side effect of it playing a role in helping to increase obesity levels been recognised. Nobody saw the side effect when it was first created. The control of motherhood led to a shift of attitude towards women who have lots of babies. It became frowned upon that you would buck the trend of not being on the almighty Pill.

Lowering our view of women who have babies and devote their lives to their care is a dangerous seed to sow. We in turn think less of all people around us as it is women who carry everybody into this world. We demonise this fact at our peril.




ps. google images word of the day was ‘disconnection’.