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5159967-A-colourful-network-of-people-forming-a-tower-of-support-isolated-on-white--Stock-PhotoA triangle is the strongest shape. It is therefore not surprising that this is the shape that society is built upon. The largest layer of people in society are the poor/manual workers raising up through the layers of power and wealth to the select few at the top.

Imagine the circus act where the strongest men are at the bottom and on their shoulders stand the next layer. Up and up each layer until at the pinnacle of the triangle is the smallest and thinnest person. We are amazed at the strength of those at the bottom and the grace of those at the top. Now imagine if the thin person at the top is replaced by a heftier person?? What happens? The triangle collapses.

Note this is what has been happening to societies all over the world. The ones at the top assume that it is their strength and wealth that is holding up society. It is not. Brexit showed that the ones on the bottom layer will not be ignored. It is rumored that some have been looking at over ruling the vote of leave on Brexit. What then for Democracy? If a vote from the people is ignored then what is the point of politics and voting? What message does it send the wider world when those that yap on about democracy being the only way forward then choose to over write it?  Ignoring the sway of the majority will only lead to civil unrest as it has been shown by triangulation: The strongest are always on the bottom. When they fail to hold up the rest of us disorder is the consequence.

Just because change has been called for it is not the end. Work with the change that has been voted for. Do not be afraid of it. The strongest in society have made their voice  known and its sound is ‘blowing in the wind!’