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Its been a strange week for me this week. I have been focusing my thoughts on the question of ‘What is the meaning of My Life?’.- running on from the last blog post of Meaning- Mission Impossible!

At the start of the week I was reminded of when I was seventeen and received a prize for my grades at GCSE level and was promptly told that I could have been anything( The rather large hint being, that a stay-at-home mum counts for nothing).  But unfortunately in my eyes this was a false assumption. Because a year later the decision of where I would start this ‘Path of being Someone’ was dictated to me and hence I ended up following Philosophy at University. This incident had obviously been forgotten but the pointing out that I should have picked a career instead of a family hurt very deeply. The opinion that the only worthwhile people in the world are career people left me feeling a thorough failure.


The very next day whilst still feeling like the biggest loser on the planet, God stuck his oar in.  I bumped,coincidentally, into another woman who had attended the same grammar school that I had, but hadn’t spoke to in twenty odd years and, yea she had five children. Her life simply thrilled to the fact that she could stay at home and look after her own children. Being at home for her own children was the most important thing. Perspective is an amazing thing. Needless to say I went on my merry way alot more content thinking that I’m not the only one that thinks like I do.

Then still later in the week, still puzzling about the question ‘ What is the meaning of My Life’ I read another man’s opinion that the meaning of life is not about how much money you make or your achievements or lack of.

And while I do think I have led a life that falls into the category of ‘lack of achievements’ I know this one thing that when I hit the publish button on this post I will think ‘ Mission Accomplished’ and smile. My achievements aren’t obvious or ostentatious but after being through a philosophy course where people told me they couldn’t understand my essays, each blog post in its own way becomes my achievement. I walk away knowing I can convey meaning and that my time at University wasn’t wasted.

So what of the question ‘What is the meaning of My Life? I think of the week I’ve gone through and think ‘hmmm God only knows!’lol.