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A long time ago our local  MP. Mr Eddie McGrady  once said:

“Young people like you have a strong sense of justice and I urge you never to lose it. If, when you are old, you can look back on your lives and say I have never committed and injustice, then irrespective of your job or social position, you will have achieved all that your parents, teachers, church and society could have asked of you”

“I believe that that if greater consideration were given by people to how little of what we are, we can solely attribute to our  achievements, we might have greater tolerance of other people’s achievements or lack of achievements.  We would not be intolerant towards those who differ from us in race, colour, creed, politics or social position” – Oct 1989



Something I happened to read today to set you thinking about the correct attitude to others.



Ps Google Images word of the day was ‘Tolerance’