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iStock_000020474534Large_questionListened to an excellent lecture by the philosopher Alan Watts regarding the meaning of life. Knowing, no one philosopher has expounded a satisfactory answer to this perplexing question, I, none-the-less was left thinking along these lines: My first thought was ‘Isn’t the asking of the question, ‘What is the meaning of Life?’ a very general focused question.’  A broad spectrum look at life: living things on a living planet. To answer such a broad based question the answer would have to be applicable to everyone. Not everything.  Life indicates the living.  Every size; shape; colour; creed and most importantly every state of human being, eg. healthy, sick, disabled etc. A common thread that we can all pull at, regardless of our individual circumstances.

Thinking about all these different possibilities, you realise that, ‘ Meaning of Life’ cannot be knowing; learning; finding God; or doing any one thing in particular because of the one simple fact that there are people alive for whom it would be mission impossible to fulfill this subscribed meaning.  So where does this leave us? That life is simply about being?



Think about it: The only other state that is common to all people on earth is death or being dead. The first building block for lives, then is to BE ALIVE. After this, we, then can change the focus of the question to be ‘What is the meaning of MY life?’ and that is an entirely different thing.

Getting the question right in the first instance is half the battle of attaining the correct answer.



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