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1383278523990925Recently read about how those that die while partaking in Jihad are given a great reward in the afterlife and obscurely enough the idea of rock paper scissors came to mind- While mankind has always fought violence with violence Christ came along and with a very different point of view said NO to violence. I had always thought this a difficult notion to get your head around. And with a history of wars since the time of Christ you can see that growing up you would be inclined to take it with a pinch of salt. And then it dawned on me.

If a man HAS TO DIE FIGHTING to gain a reward not of this world, then in order to ensure he does not gain this reward then you must not fight him. You deny him. By doing absolutely nothing you win. Because it is a battle of ideals that you are both experiencing. By ensuring he lives then you thwart the attainment of his goal.

Just as the paper wraps around the rock and the rock loses then the Christian must wrap himself in the idea of pacifism to deny the eternal prize of the Jihadist. Think about it.



Ps Google words of the day were rock paper clipart..