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Listening to the radio today I heard a thing that made me wonder about what we ask of each other.  It was about teachers in England having to mark in particular  ways such as green meant growth, pink was improving etc.  Mark a piece of work but in such a way that no one thinks they have failed.

How different this was  from our time. Life was simpler because it was treated so. Work was simply right or wrong. Wrong work was marked in red.  The less red on your page the more you had right. The pupil knew they were improving automatically then. They did not need the teacher to tell them this slyly by the colour of pen they used.

How less empowering for the pupil if always wondering what colour will they be labelled with?
How hard to be a teacher and never accidentally use the wrong colour pen.

Life is only complicated because we make it so. A simpler way is always available to us; we just have to make it so.



Ps Google words of the day are coloured pens clipart.