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He who Trumps the Pope! Indeed! One man who hopes to be head of one of the richest nations in the world and the other who is head of Spiritual richness in the world. Had this line of thought when I heard build a bridge vs. build a wall:

The finer things in life; most regard gold and silver as the finer things in life but why is this? Gold or silver thread can be spun extremely fine, almost to the point where they become invisible. It is only this quality that makes them valuable :- quite like diamonds and their light reflecting qualities See the light

In the hierarchy of all that makes up life, that which is invisible is chased after and becomes more important than that which is visible.

Thoughts(invisible) and actions(visible): Men(visible) and God(invisible)

Looking at the world at the moment:  else where in the world, I think, the Islamic State realises the importance of this; ideas and God; hence why it makes such an effort to enforce the following of only its ideals. Tolerance is an ideal that it doesn’t allow to exist. – Walls (Trump) ensure that there is no tolerance : Bridges(Pope) ensure that tolerance must be allowed.

Tolerance is a higher, more expansive ideal and it should always be aimed for.

He, who is the ultimate bridge builder has my vote. And his bridges, no surprise, are invisible too!