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Was following the thought the other day about robots and artificial intelligence and how people are afraid that they will overtake us and this is what I was thinking:google-deepmind-artificial-intelligence

Robots are binary based. They are either on or off. 1 or 0 governs all computer code at its base. The complication sets in with computer language. Language and algorithms are all that is required for artificial intelligence. The algorithm introduces percentages. Life is seen as picking the correct correlating percentage in any given situation. The nearer your answer is to 100% that is the one you chose.

I then wondered what would happen if in a situation if a number of robots hit 50% and another batch hit also 50% what would happen. They inevitably would have to split and continue on their chosen paths. But as scientists think that robots will end up thinking like humans then this split thinking will only end in one thing: Conflict.

In that scenario then humans and robots would be identical. What would there be to fear from more of the same?