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Science has produced a general outlook that what is reality is what is seen or can be observed in the physical sense. I would like to say early on, that my philosophical viewpoint does not necessarily differentiate the spiritual and the physical, as though they are two aspects to be believed or not; rather, my philosophy is that the two go together. There is no separation (although there is perhaps a perceived separation), between the somethingness (physical) and the spacial nothingness (spiritual). Because without one you cannot have the other. And so we see that they go together.“- Dylan Raines, rainesjournal blog

I was reading this and thought this is a great way to explain that there is and also at the same time there is not. The two elements exist together at the same time. The only difference being at any one time is our focus. Are we focusing on the purely physical or are we internally focused and being spiritually aware?

This further draws thought akin to the difference between a form of objective thought and subjective thought. That which is outside of ourselves and that which is us in the midst of it. Thinking about this makes me realise we can only be aware of one state at a time; we cannot be both at the same time. I wonder if this is truly the difference between God and ourselves. God being everything at the same time would be both a form of objective thought and subjective  thought at the same time? Its not enough to think what is it like to be a physical existence in all places at the same time: you also have to feel what is it like to exist in all places at the same time.