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Recently spied a good article on Plato that held a few quotes from him and one such quote was :

Nearly all of them, my friends, seem to be ignorant of the nature and power of the soul, especially in what relates to her origin: they do not know that she is among the first of things, and before all bodies, and is the chief author of their changes and transpositions. And if this is true, and if the soul is older than the body, must not the things which are of the soul’s kindred be of necessity prior to those which appertain to the body?
This made me think: If the soul is older than the body then the soul would be older than the particles of the body. To be older than particles would leave you at the situation of being older than space and all found in space. To have a soul would therefore indicate the existence of a First Creator or God.

A soul is wondrous thing. A thing some spend their whole lives searching for and don’t really connect with. Others find their soul and cannot get past it to find God. Believing in a soul and not believing in God feels like running a race and not reaching the finishing line. This made me wonder ‘Why would God leave it to be so difficult to find a soul and even more so, to find himself?’

Had a dream one time that left me thinking souls and bodies are akin to yolks and eggs. Cant hold an egg yolk in a broken shell; cant hold a soul in a broken body.

egg and yolk