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Here is an abstract picture of art we used to do as a child. It was called ‘Take your pencil for a walk’. I used to love doing these. The main reason because I was rubbish at so called normal art and couldn’t draw and also because my mind could wander freely when drawing these. The biggest thing that struck me about abstraction this way was that

  1. You always started with a clean sheet of paper.(Blank)
  2. When you started drawing you wouldn’t know how it was going to look at the end.(Mystery)
  3. The end of the scribble had to meet with the beginning. (Full Circle)
  4. The combinations that you could scribble and colour it in with were endless.(Infinity)

In a way just the way life is :

Life is blank until God/we create it. Mysterious as we don’t know what truly lies ahead of us. Fulfills itself in full circles and continues on in this pattern for infinity.

Creation giving rise to life. Life being. Life giving into death to make room again for creation. Ad infinitum.