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Have you thought much about why there are so many different types of people in the world? People like you and yet people who are the complete opposite of you.

Out walking thinking about this and was struck by the thought what would be the point in being able to see people as existing in polarity to each other. Opposite qualities in equal existence.

Would it be  like some motivational pages I’ve read; ditch your own qualities- if you are an introvert- and  become more extrovert. In essence become that which you are not. This thinking makes me think – How does the dark become the light?

Or is it more true to say, as no doubt, through one situation or another you will have heard said- Just be yourself. ( Ehh?? No consistency in this thing called life.)

A great believer in the thinking of Aristotle and that the best life is a life of balance( the mean or average life) these two thoughts made me think: With opposite qualities in existence there is overall balance in the world. But as both these qualities try and change to become more like the other then balance is only achieved in the middle. Both poles become the same thing; an equal amount of each quality thereby eradicating the distance between them.

Abstracting thoughts like these make me realise how the thinking of yin and yang came about.