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From the mouth of Bob Dylan-

I’ve heard you say many times
That you’re better ’n no one
And no one is better ’n you
If you really believe that
You know you got
Nothing to win and nothing to lose
From fixtures and forces and friends
Your sorrow does stem
That hype you and type you
Making you feel
That you must be exactly like them”

Here is the fourth verse of To Ramona- it is one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs. The wisdom in this poem always gets me thinking about life and what it is and also especially what it does to us. It makes us feel. Regardless sometimes of anything that we do or don’t do. Life will just happen around you and make you feel- something. And this feeling for a lot of people becomes a problem. What can you do about it? Work like a Buddhist monk to leave all feelings behind and think and feel nothing?? To me this always seems like a cop out. Why would we have been given feelings in the first place if the only thing to be done about them is to ignore them?

I nearly always come to the same conclusion that feelings must be talked about. No matter how trivial the feeling. That feeling makes up who you are. You are not a trivial thing. God gave you to this world – you are important.

From this I’ve often wondered about controlling your feelings. We all know how important it is to control a feeling of anger but do we regard, say, the control of the feeling of happy in the same light? Unleashed feelings hurt. Controlled feelings less so. Aristotle argued that happy was a good thing and therefore should be sought. Hence why we all know about the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. But I think, if feelings as a generalised category should be open to control, then, even pleasant feelings should fall under this banner. Pursuing your own happiness regardless of all consequences to others ends in a similar vein to unguarded anger to others. Hurt.

How does this make you feel?