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colour dancers Whilst watching Lord of the Dance by Micheal Flatley, recently, I was caught by a surprising thought; Sexism is still alive and kicking and that feminism really hasn’t progressed very far at all.

As you see from the image, above, women Irish dancers showing off the beauty that is to be found in the Irish Culture of dancing. And as they were dancing around, their grace and eloquence was just eye- catching and then… they done this…

1403499536-lord-of-the-dance-musical-performed-at-west-end-live-in-london_5081280 What the hell????

In one fell swoop, of removing all their clothes, they just degraded themselves and the dance. Shame. But what was more startling was the whoop that came from the audience. Semi naked Irish Dancers –  hmm how interesting life has become.(NOT) In watching this I was struck by the thought ‘Why, for some, is entertainment associated with nakedness in one form or another?’ This thought was swiftly followed by the thought I wonder will the men dance in their underwear as well? Well maybe I wished to be entertained as well, hahaha!

men dancers.jpg And the answer to that is Don’t be ridiculous!

Feminism was started purely to achieve equality for women in the eyes of society. In actions such as above, it is blatantly obvious that there is no action of equality. And it is only a fool who is deceived by the cover-up of terms of ‘sexual empowerment’ i.e dance around in your underwear like no one is watching. If it was an empowering action, then you can be damn sure the first people to take part in such an action would be men. Women need to wake up to the manipulation of men.  The other most obvious example of this manipulation is this extreme:

islam dress (The one on the end looks like she is saying: Right girls time to strip!- I think not)

Neither are a true reflection of a healthy view of women in a civil egalitarian society.

Sexism really is alive and kicking especially when you get to dance in heels like these:


HMMM- nothing like a good pair of heels to set off your calf muscles don’t you think?? hehe.  PC2015