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Trying out a new layout of argument.

Everything exists: That is everything that is and everything that isn’t.
In this way everything is encompassed;  seen and understood as whole and everything is known properly.
Everything that is, is fused with its contra.
Opposites are necessary and cannot exist or be known singularly.

Space and matter ultimately take up this contra-fusing position.
Matter exists and space(though regarded as nothingness)also exists necessarily.
Neither can be known without the other.
Matter is seen to have size and dimension and space is always regarded as having NO size and NO dimension.
In other words matter is measurable and space as its opposite can not be measured.
But the two things are contra-fused together.
Space is in matter and matter is in space.

Then think of ourselves and our existence; what are we and what is our contra-fused opposite?
While we exist much in the same manner as matter; then it is necessary for God to exist as space exists.
Unmeasurable and unseen.
God existing in the same manner as space leaves Man and God contra-fused together into existence.

Life and death are then seen as been part of this relationship.
You exist alive as matter and exist dead as in God.

As these two are contra-fused together we are then encompassing the whole. PC2014