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Continuing from my previous post Have you got the energy for it? I tried to educate myself with a little bit of understanding of Quantum Physics.  I came to think and ask myself why the concentration on the double slit experiment500px-Two-Slit_Experiment_Light.svg and what does it really show us of life on that level? Because remember that what we ultimately experience is only that which we are able to translate in to readable facts through our senses and that we base all knowledge solely on our experiences on this planet.

The thing that struck me was the reliance on the correlation between knowledge of water wave movement and the movement of energy. It is assumed that when a water wave moves, we are being shown energy’s true nature. It is this association that I question. It also happens to be the peg on which we hang all our knowledge of waves and energy. I was left thinking was the reason that waves moved this way and no other simply because it couldn’t have the freedom to move in any other kind of motion. That the displacement of water molecules up and down in what we term wave motion is because this is the only way that water molecules are free to move in this world. Contra to this, the way quantum physics tells us that down in the depths of quantum particles movement is thought to be of a completely random nature. You are left with the problem of how does something so random build itself up to a true and well ordered system. Scratch your head and think of that one for a while hahaha.

Back then to thinking then of molecules and energy: the double slit experiment was first used to understand the nature of light energy.  If you can separate energy passing through water as two separate things, eg water and energy, then you would reasonably assume that you should also be able to separate light energy into two distinct things, eg photons and energy. So then is light created from photons merely travelling so fast from having an excess of energy OR is light merely energy travelling piggy back style across a field of photons? Just as water particles move up and down as the energy passes in a wave, is light so tied to the movement available to photon particles? So what exactly are we seeing? Is it photons on speed or energy? No light exists by itself. That is the nature of this world. Light is a created thing from heat and energy: think of the sun.sunglasses Excess energy. So back to the double slit experiment again;

if we lower the intensity of light(in other words lower the excess energy), or the flux of electrons (the electric current)(again lowering the excess energy), we should be able to see each photon strike the screen each photon makes a dot on the screen, but where is the interference pattern?the interference pattern is still there, it simply takes some time for enough photons, or electrons, to strike the screen to build up a recognizable pattern interference, or a wave phenomenon, is still occurring even if we only let the photons, or electrons, through one at a time so what are the individual particles interfering with? apparently, themselves

But wait, what if we do this so slow that only one electron or one photon passes through the slits at a time, then what is interfering with what? i.e. there are not two waves to destructively and constructively interfere. It appears, in some strange way, that each photon or electron is interfering with itself. That its wave nature is interfering with its own wave (!)”.http://abyss.uoregon.edu/

The thing to remember when reading this is that for the photon to pass through the slits, it must be given extra energy to do so. So we are then not watching original motion of the particles in question but really the effects of energy on extremely small particles. And as I have said previously all particles come into existence from the basic energy of the universe acting on itself; then the excess energy attached to the photon particle is merely interfering with the basic energy around it. The truth is in the last sentence of the quote. Its not so much the wave nature of the photon but the actual energy that the photon is made from that is interfering with the basic energy around it in space. We can not ‘see’ these photons just as we can not see energy; we are only relying on the pattern we are catching to be the pointer of what we think has happened in the ‘space’ in- between.

Makes you think are things ever really the way they appear to be? PC2014