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Have been mulling over the problem of matter and space and came to this conclusion: From reading the famous equation E=mc2 you are struck by the thought that matter which has mass can be expressed as energy divided by the speed of light squared. All well and good but fundamentally when you question this equation you think that everything must generate from energy. But why the speed of light? Speed is a finite magnitude. Could it be that the energy noted in this equation can only be related to certain sorts of mass?
So then I googled what is energy? Energy is electromagnetic radiation was the sublime answer I got. Now from the rusty knowledge I hold of Physics I know that this is seen to travel in waves, has different wave-lengths, direction and magnitude. And then I hit on the thought what if matter only exists in the places where these waves interconnect. It is thought that electromagnetic waves transport energy throughout space. But what if space is a form of energy?An energy that so far we have not been able to measure. It is this energy that travels invisibly thought out everything and interconnects everything. If it also traveled in wave motion and if enough waves inter-react at a certain point they form matter.dot This image is as close as I can get to explaining what I mean. However as we don’t see electromagnetic radiation/energy or this form of energy then what we actually experience is  this:dot Matter and Space.

This would mean that everything could be seen to be generated from the same basic material but different densities within that material would explain the problem that we have in trying to explain the nature of matter and the fact that in inspecting it closely, as in quantum physics, matter no longer looks or appears to react the way we think it should.


The thing to remember when reading this is that in this universe we only know and experience our own senses and everything must be translated through them or we can have no knowledge of it. And also when scientists are looking into space, all knowledge they think they have gained is only based on the scale of knowledge they hold from all that they have learned from their existence on earth.  PC2014