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What does it matter if we have a soul or not? I wonder, regularly, about those people who think that science is the be all and end all of everything. We are merely a collection of cells sitting on a rock revolving around a sun. If this was really the case then how do cells suddenly come together and start deciding things? How can cells that may have been seen to switch on and off like a light switch suddenly jump to thinking one action is wrong and another is right? To go from a two state existence to a multi-stated existence of emotions in my mind is akin to comparing day to night. Two completely different and separate scenarios.Could it be that this was never the case. We did not start out as simple things but were always more complicated? In essence like a calibrated knob that could be pointed to whatever level or emotion was required.

I am always left at the thought that if we were really descended from cells and animals then emotions are the most useless of things ever created on the face of this planet. Ask anyone who has ever felt heartbreak? Emotions only get in the way. While everyone loves to feel happiness, many feel sadness so bad they are driven to suicide to get away from it. What really is the point of emotions?

I often think, as well, how if we are just a more complicated version of animal why should it matter what we do? So what if I hurt you and you cry. I watch the tv nowadays and think this is already happening in the world on a grand scale and nobody really bats an eye. Look at all the war and killing that is going on. Think of the amount of tears these situations have created for the people whom this affects.

For us to have no soul then I would presume that it is perfectly acceptable.

When we don’t see past our bodies then having your head submerged in nothing but science is completely reasonable. I, however, pray this is not the case. xP