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Have you ever watched the Titanic film and as the boat goes down, hear those famous words ‘ My heart will go on’? Did this ever lead you to ask but ‘ Will it?’ What exactly is our heart? It’s used in so many different expressions that I think we no longer can define our heart anymore. We confuse it with our soul and sometimes our mind.

“For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander”– Jesus Christ

Why are these thoughts so different that Jesus Christ thought that they originated in the heart and not the mind? And then I thought could it be that only some thoughts generate emotions. Not all do. Adding two and two together does not make me feel murderous  or excited. You would have to have severe psychological problems if they did. Hahaha. Then you realise maybe in this way all thoughts are not equal and so could it be the case that maybe the heart is a mind also.

If what we normally think of as our minds is where logic is based and it’s language is rationality then why not have a heart-mind whose language is emotional- thought? Our souls then in the same format must be soul-minds and their language is Spirituality or God-thought. Sometimes I think that in this world we inhabit today, we over-emphasize the logical mind to the detriment of our natural selves. We think this kind of logical thought is now the highest form of thought. Not the case, it is merely the easiest kind of thought.

“Love is patient, love is kind, love is slowly losing your mind“- Kevin 27 Dresses

And that is the rub, while we linger in our other two minds we realise that we must relinquish control from our logical selves. To feel this loss of control is scary and so to eliminate the fear it is just easier to ignore rather than put the effort in to learn how to control ourselves properly. Self-discipline- the dirtiest word in this modern age. xP