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Was reading a lot about time this last week and came across again the problem of motion and Zeno’s arrow paradox. To remind you it says that when an arrow is in flight it must at any instant in time occupy a particular position in space. If the arrow is moving it must either move to where it is, or it must move to where it is not. The arrow can’t move to where it is not in this instant, and it can’t move to where it is as it is already there. So eventually you think that at any one instant the arrow is stationary and therefore there is no such thing as motion.

Time and motion inextricably linked! Not surprised there. This forms the complete basis of Physics. And then on thinking further I realised this is the only way we can perceive this world and universe in which we inhabit. Everything that we know and encounter is moving in some way or form. For example what we know is that on a subatomic level particles are constantly moving; even with ourselves at rest we are aware that our hearts are still beating. And so the possiblity of knowing true stillness and even peace is an improbability. We can only claim knowledge of an abstract concept. The thought that the arrow is stationary at any certain point in time and space is completely true. Why? Because you have just committed the sin of REDUCING Time to nil and Distance to nil. End effect- the arrow is stationary. While everybody else obsesses about whether or not time exists in relation to this, they have forgotten their fundamental learning.  Mathematically it is very easy to see what has happened.

Our lives are spent in a constant state of measurement. We can perceive nothing except that it is in relation to something else and so everything is on a scale. But the problem with our thinking is that we jump scales all the time and still believe that what we are looking at is the truth.

Think of this: when you were a child and learning the number line you would draw thisnumberline2  But problems appear in our thinking when we start out with the intention to jump from 0 to 1 but decide that rather than doing this we can stop somewhere in between. It’s the same with the arrow we think about the arrow flying from the bow and reaching the target-MOVING FROM 0 TO 1- But as soon as we think about reducing the distance, we have automatically reduced the time and so we end up eventually with a stationary arrow that we can no longer mentally see as moving. Our minds are sitting on the 0. The scale that your mind is involving to make sense of the world must be consistent. Do not reduce or break up what you are looking at or otherwise you will find yourself thinking that a crumb has nothing to do with a biscuit. xP