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Recently watched a video of  third world people reciting aloud problems that first world people would have related to. It made for disturbing viewing.  In the video people who were obviously malnourished, dressed in rags, dwelling in tin huts talked about things like; having lost their mobile phone, their house was so big they needed two wireless routers, forgetting to heat their seats and other, what could only be regarded as, superficial problems in existence. It makes you think that while living in the first world has upped our standard of living it somehow has reduced us morally. Our worries really have no substance.  The difference between their world and ours is colossal. The difference is so large one wonders if it will ever be righted and equaled out. Or even whether those in the third world will ever view the world as we see it and attain the problems that we perceive ourselves to have.

Also, I was struck by the thought that regardless of whether your existence is a poor or a rich one, problems it seems have not been eliminated.  We all have worries. And at the same time I was left feeling very guilty that I didn’t know their problem or even relate to it. I was visually seeing them as very poor and so ended up assuming that their existence must be an unhappy one. (Where does that come from?- relating poverty to unhappiness? Ugh disgusted by my own extreme judgementalism). Could they possibly be happy in their existence as it was? And yet underneath all this you are left wondering why after this age of enlightenment do people still suffer hunger? Why when we waste so much food have we not organised ourselves so as to have eliminated this problem? Proper sanitation and health , again we know so much and yet we have not spent the time to organise ourselves and eliminate these problems. And therein lies the problem- time. The mantra of the first world “Time is money”. It propagates and chokes our morality and hence why we have a world that makes for uncomfortable viewing.

Making money trumps helping other people with the bare necessities. This is simply how it is in the first world.  We admire greatly people whom we perceive to oppose this societal norm. People who do go out of their way to alleviate problems in the third world are applauded. But overall not enough people act in this way. For if they did then the differences in the world would be eradicated. In the first world money is regarded as more important than other people and whatever problem they maybe suffering. This view lowers our opinion of others and ensures that the only people we help are ourselves.  Unfortunately money and morality are not interchangeable. One in this world is obviously destroying the other. You find you can but only agree with John Locke and that selfishness is the base quality of man. Where selfishness ends self-interest begins and vice versa. xP