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1 + 0 = 1.

Look at this simple sum. What are you thinking about? You could simply think in a mathematical frame of mind and say: one thing add nothing equals the same one thing. And when you apply this to the world around us, you would be correct.

Now think what is this one thing? An apple? A rock? An atom? You realise you are thinking about things that have already been created. Things that already exist in this universe including ourselves. Now think to yourself: the one represents all the universe and the zero; mankind’s addition to the universe. What information can you gather from this sum? Now that simple sum is telling you: Mankind hasn’t and probably never will create one extra atom to add to the universe as it is. Mankind may have split the atom but mankind has not yet realised how can he take nothing and make something from it.

Isn’t that an amazing thought. When you think that everything that is, can never be changed, i.e never added to; you realise the most important conclusion in relation to the universe and that is that Nothing can be added together to make something.

So where does that leave the one. Where did all that matter come from? Happy riddling campers!! xP