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What is going on in the world at the moment? All I seem to be reading is hatred.  Gender hatred issues, racial hatred, religious hatred and on the list continues. So how do we solve hatred? Why, with all the religious idealism that we have in the world has the problem of hatred not been solved? The problem hasn’t been solved because we are still approaching the problem as if there is something in the problem that needs fixing. But nothing in the problem needs solving. Why? Because fundamentally mindsets need changed not something physical in the actual world. Thinking that there is something outside of the people to have caused the hatred is a foolish path to follow. The problem is ongoing because of the natural order of things which is mind before matter. Thoughts before action. Watching violence and hatred manifest itself in the world points to only one thing and that is opposing mindsets. Contradiction causes conflict and conflict causes pain.

So to truly solve the problem of hatred the problem to actually solve is the problem of opposing mindsets and contradiction.

I was going to add this: So what do I think needs to be done? We need to properly apply the issue of forgiveness to these issues. How would that change anything I hear you ask. Quite simply put when you forgive you destroy the power that hatred has on us. You can not hate something and forgive it at the same time. When you forgive then you make space for love to appear. You then introduce the cycle of forgiveness turning to love. A forgiving heart is a loving heart and a loving heart is always a forgiving one at the same time.

When it comes to humanity and we think ‘where has our humanity gone?’; you don’t just think where has the love gone, it should also be a matter of looking to see ‘where has the forgiveness gone?’. Or even better where can forgiveness go? When and where can we add forgiveness so that love can take over and grow. In morality we always seem to be looking to what is right or wrong, good thing to do or bad thing to do. And in some ways I would agree with Buddhaism that there can be no right or wrong thing to do as we cannot predict the future and with every action that we do we just have to live with the consequences especially when the consequences are not what was expected or even when we go into some action with the best intention and somehow it all goes pear shaped.   …. lovely in theory.

But then I thought that answer is too simple and if I could solve this question then I would literally be solving the one problem that truly causes men the biggest hardship. xP