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Got caught in the idea of succession this week; everything existing in the present is merely succession. This lead to thoughts of time and then to what was the exact nature of the present and how long is it?

Think of the earth revolving around the sun. From this scenario we gain our ideas of time and the fact that we can split time up; firstly into years then seasons, then weeks, then days, hours, etc.; until we reach such a small length of time that we can no longer measure it. This then lead to thinking of instants of time; much like a camera taking a picture. A picture is in essence time existing in that instant. But if time is merely an instant; how do we actually gain any understanding of length of time at all? How do all these instants meld and join together? Is time as we regard it then just an illusion because when its inspected closely it is actually static and not continuous? You would have to take an awful of selfies in a row to show yourself that you had actually spent any time existing.

I think this contradiction in time is intriguing. If you think that there is a past that moves to a present and then to a future, you could actually be wrong. All matter is constant. It existed yesterday, its exists now and it will exist tomorrow because unlike cartoons matter cannot be annihilated. But like energy it just moves from one form to another eg wood can be burnt to form ashes. Looking at matter and us; a strange fact about your existence is that your blood is renewed every 7 years, and also that scientists are telling us all the time(hahaha) that our cells constantly renew themselves. From this it is logically to say I am not the body that originally came into this planet. The only constant that I’m aware of is my mind. It existed yesterday and gave me my memories, exists today at this instant and moving with energy will exist tomorrow even if my physical matter moves to a different format.

Hence why this contradiction of time being instantaneous but giving us the impression of being continuous, gives us the insight why we are eternal beings. xP