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Plausibility structures are the things that appear to hold us together,so its been said, and give us a place in this world. Our very own unique GPS co-ordinates with which to locate our position in the world. But are they the things that make us ‘US‘? If these kind of beliefs are the things that make us who we are, we are fundamentally stating that we are finite beings. Why, though, does this feel very wrong in describing US?

Relating earlier blogs of Beliefs and Captain Kirk it becomes easier to see Dr Spock(Analytical/Critical/Logical Thinking) maybe analogous to the path but it is Captain Kirk(Creative/Imaginative/Emotional Thinking) that fills in the borders and colours our world. And who are We? We are the ones that exist on the path,and necessarily build it and plant the borders; But most importantly we are not the path or the border or a plausibility structure. I am not “seven of nine“. I think we are constructed in such a way that we cannot be pigeon-holed so efficiently; a certain height, depth and dimension not only to our exterior persons but also to our internal beings. I think I find this offensive.

Thoughts like this remove us entirely from our own natural and right state. For example I could say Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beautiful women in the world when she died, on her own, at 36 years old. Contrast this to ‘A 36 year old childless, single woman, a drug addict died alone’. These plant two very different ideas in your head, but ultimately, they are about exactly the same thing; the person who lived the life that we called Marilyn Monroe. There was an entity(MM herself) that existed outside of the belief systems that we hold in place about her, and that we use to describe the person called Marilyn Monroe. These beliefs do not create our existence but are merely a part of our existence. It is in this complex web of beliefs that our true natures can be found. This is how I think we are not just a collection of plausibility structures needing other liked minded people to confirm our place in the world.

From this the most important question that springs to my mind is ‘What form do I take outside of these belief structures? Answer this question and then you have the truth otherwise you really should regard yourself as a cyborg. The only point to your existence would be to gather information and assimilate it.

As an emotional human being, I feel I exist beyond these belief systems and structures and I wonder if this is the true meaning of the word ‘Soul‘ and that I am not just a physical presence with a mental problem! Lol xP