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Was reading a quote from Lao Tzu ”Discard conventional doctrines and be relieved from anxieties.”(See Antryump’s blog) and I was struck by the thought this man was from Ancient China and still what he says is relevant today. The same can be said about a lot of the Ancient Greek Philosophers. So much wisdom and yet human beings appear not to have learned one word of it. Nothing within people has really changed. Not our personalities, nor the way in which we relate to each other and so I was thinking Why? (Like I also do! Hahaha)

But what does this really tell us about ourselves? Why have we remained the same? All the wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries and still the population of the earth hasn’t changed or evolved in our relationships to one another. You switch on the news and its full of war stories. The only thing that has changed over time are the weapons and our ability to kill in vast numbers. The same can be said of communication. We still communicate or don’t as the case maybe. But our ability to communicate through machinery has changed thoroughly, so we can now communicate immediately to one another regardless of distance and also to communicate in vast numbers. Has this improved the world? Again the answer would be No. It took nearly three weeks before the rest of the world learned what was happening in Nigeria about girls being kidnapped because of political/religious situations. This would lead you to think that while we can expertly manipulate the world around us we are incapable of manipulating ourselves to the same extent.

This lack of internal manipulation would lead you to believe that our personalities are therefore fixed. That our personalities have finite parameters. Having finite parameters means being a set size. Therefore outside of your parameters you cannot exist. You are unable to be something that you are not. The consequence of this is that change in the human race is impossible. Therefore patterns and repeats in behaviour are all we have to look forward too. To back this claim up you only have to read history to realise that the cycle of war and peace is never ending. The only thing that changes are the participants. The way the world behaved in the past is exactly the same as the way it is behaving now and unfortunately also the way it will behave in the future.

How can that which exists become that which does not exist? Something to keep you thinking! xP