Was thinking today about beliefs after talking to someone who had an obviously very strong belief. I was struck by the thought that anything that was contrary to their belief in their mind couldn’t exist. All that existed for them was their belief. And then I thought that this struck me as being very similar in kind to the ideas I put forward in Dancing in the Dark.  Except the shoe was on the different foot.Hahaha.

What does this tell us about believing? I think it doesn’t matter if you believe in a God or if you believe in no God, all belief systems are built the same way in your mind. Your thinking must follow the same path. The first premise in the syllogism   becomes like a step that automatically leads to another step. This is the purpose of logic. The only thing that differs is what the actual idea is. ‘A deity exists’ as opposed to ‘No deity exists’. Each idea colours the world of the believer appropriately. Two opposite ideas then can and do logically grow to the same strength and so we find ourselves in the situation of dealing with two opposing belief systems.

It has amazed me this week reading an Eastern philosophy theory book that I was hit by the thought why have we still got so many belief systems in place? Even when one idea of a system is changed to an opposing belief instead of one system dying off we end up with divided people and two belief systems carrying forward.  What does this tell us about logic and more importantly human beings?

Ideas are really unique and highly individual and maybe it is no surprise that there are so many belief systems in the world. Universal truths then must be questioned as to their validity in fitting everyone. One size does not fit all- it only fits everybody really badly! xP