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Had a random thought which followed from thinking about scientists, finite world and space and measuring.

For the scientist, the world in which we live is a finite place. Mentally I thought of a scientist as one who walks the world heel to toe permanently. As they walk this world and think about it, they walk toe tight behind the heel of the other foot. No space allowed. So everything that IS can be covered and measured. But to really know everything, you must have knowledge of everything that is and everything that is not. We need to experience space between our measuring feet. And so I had the thought of feet dancing. It isn’t enough to just put space between the heel and the toe because they are still in contact with the finite world. Nothing technically will have changed for the scientist. This left me wondering is this why so many scientists proclaim that they are atheists? Unable to lift themselves from this world they believe that this is all there is and so they measure continually.

Compare then feet on the ground and feet then in the air. Up and down at different intervals and at different rates of speed.  What is happening as you introduce space between and most importantly around your feet?   Dancing. But metaphorically from the above argument you are introducing the idea that you can still exist in space without your feet touching this finite world. When your feet are in the air then you must stop measuring the finite world. You as the scientist must suspend your belief system. What are you existing in then? Space? God? Neither can be measured.

Dancing is about fun, living life to the full. You only live well and full when you have confidence in your knowledge of the earth beneath your feet and also knowledge of the space in which you are existing and also about having the ability to move yourself freely in both.

True freedom of body, mind and spirit and spirit is attained when you have acquired this dancing image of yourself and have introduced yourself to concepts that cannot be measured.