Have you ever looked around you and realised that everything that you see, everything you are basing your knowledge on is the concepts of opposites? When you really sit and think about this concept of matter you realise that you cannot know only one thing. Everything exists with its opposite so that balance is maintained.

If you look at a piece of paper in front of you, you will realise that you can only see one dimension at a time. That is namely you only see the front of the page BUT you know that the opposite of the front( the back) also exists even though you cannot see it at that time. Likewise if you imagine you are standing still then in moving in an upwards direction you will also notice that you will be required to move downwards again in order for you to return to your original position. You may now be thinking this is so obvious it doesn’t require any thought of any kind but it points to something very basic and fundamental to all life and this is’ Why this balance?’.

What is the point of this see-saw of life? When I look at men and women I think men, strong physically on the outside but weak in the inside. Women are the opposite, weak physically on the outside but strong in the inside which is why females give birth. Then when you look at the two of them at the same time you realise that they are opposites and therefore together exist in balance. Other things that exist in this balance are matter and space. We can acknowledge matter but some say that in no form can we truly know space.

DSCI1083When you look at this picture you can only see the space in the centre as it is surrounded by matter. You can easily imagine taking away the lettuce leaf but have you ever thought about trying to take away the space? Would all the matter collapse together? What does this tell us? We are very quick to assume that matter exists in space but maybe life is actually built the other way round and it would be more beneficial to think that space exists in matter. Maybe the Big Bang wasn’t so much all matter at one point exploding out into space but rather all matter was gathered in one point and all space exploded that matter outwards?

Think about that one!