Captain Kirk v Dr Spock: Human Thinking v Logical Thinking. In human thinking concepts can just be created but in logical thinking you take a starting point and ideas are followed in a logical precise manner. How these two methods clash! I was left wondering ‘Would Mr Spock have recognised Art when he saw it?’ Art which is especially based in concepts and completely abstract.

Human thinking is naturally creative and while it can encompass  the world of logic, the logical world can not step outside of itself and be creative. The subtle difference between these two has, I think, left philosophy in the quagmire. Every problem I think of I end up bringing them down to this difference. Which one is the true higher path of thought? Logicians think that the way they think is the supreme method as it helps to assert the truth or falseness of a thought or fact. But the reality of life is that I can either think and feel something at the same time or I can just think and leave all influencing feelings to one side. And when I follow this path then I am left usually with an unpalatable conclusion.   If we leave our feelings out of everything we are merely robot-izing ourselves.  My son when he is Captain Kirk mode says “Now you have to do all that I tell you” and in Spock mode it is “You can tell me what to do”. It is not only the authority that I notice but also the mind set. Captain Kirk gets to be the creative one and think up new things while poor Spock is not creative and is programmed to do.

As philosophers strive to find the truth, what ever form that truth would be, I think the most important thing to do is to remember that we are human beings and not computers. Logic has its place and use but once we have denied our own makeup of heart, mind and soul then our thinking is of a poorer quality for it.