Currently reading my way through the ‘The Gensis Enigma- Andrew Parker’. It puts forward the view that there is an amazing correlation between the way that science thinks the world evolved through Evolution and the opening page of the Bible with earth’s creation by God.  While reading I was struck by the thought that, yeah it does seems quite logical to say man has evolved from apes and in turn these apes, the further back in history you go, evolved from very complex organisms  which in turn were evolved from single cell organisms. This is all well and good, but when you think of this point in relation to the most asked question of ‘Why am I here?’ or ‘What is the point of my life?’, then you can only come up with one answer and that is that there is no point or no reason, because you have in effect reduced your existence to a single cell organism.  The reason of being of a single cell organism at that stage was just to exist and nothing more, so we believe. This is a truly  large assumption. The final summation from this assumption to ourselves today, would be that we are just a random bunch of cells that have found a way to exist in harmony with the world that we inhabit physically.

This argument is akin to the slippery slope argument often seen in the abortion debate because the end (humanity) bears no relation to the start(single cell organism) and inbetween we are are left trying to justify where we stick the very important pin of ‘Meaning to Life begins now’. Any one want to hazard a guess? hahaha. It leaves you thinking that the only thing we can draw meaning from is our nearest and dearest in the theory of evolution.  This might give you something to think about when you visit the zoo next.

If the start of life and our own humankind life on this planet is sheer randomness from electrical storms you can only be drawn eventually to thoughts of ‘Why do we veer from this path of obvious randomness and wish to embrace meaning and constancy to our experiences on this lonely planet?’ or ‘what is the point of ignoring our own randomness as all it seems to do is cause us mental anguish?’