Got a tweet recently about a new stress reduction exercise and thought stress affects us in many ways. There is physical stress i.e tension which can be relived by physical exercise or a relaxing bath ( a physical sensation canceled out by another physical sensation). Mental stress relieved by thinking up solutions to our problems. But ultimately I have found in my life that praying or meditation i.e finding your soul is the only true way of beating stress. Guiding your soul in the right way will affect your thinking and ultimately help you direct your body in the correct way.

Maybe this is just conditional thinking from mainstream religion. Directing your soul to do the right thing leads you to action the correct thing in life.  How then do you find your soul? Firstly you must realise how you are constituted. To achieve this goal you must  first ignore and push away from you the beating heart and nerves in your body’s centre. You experience the beating, nerves or excitement and while doing this be aware that ideas in your mind just seem to endlessly mushroom. Unbidden thoughts and plans that you feel you had no hand in creating are blooming forth and yet curiously still separate from Yourself.  Once you have realised that, You, ideas- you and feeling- you have been pushed to one side remember, you experience a very calm thought that You are still here:- properly thinking, clearly and even cleanly thinking. It is this form of thinking I believe that Rene Descartes was trying to tell us is ‘I think therefore I am’. Not only are you thinking, you are also existing AND most importantly, it is this Thinking Existence that is You or your soul.