Do Not Adjust…


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Was watching the news yesterday and it was dominated by the, horror of horrors, Gene editing. We were, of course led down the path that it would lead to a superior race of people (Me-snicker!!) or Designer Babies,(Me-snort!); yeah you get the picture- It could only mean the mutation of the human race. But in thinking this I realised one very important point-

Our bodies and souls are two completely different entities. Our souls are significantly unique and distinct from one another. We cannot ‘graft’ our souls onto one another and this is a very important point to note. But our bodies?? They are lego. We can take a piece here; stick it on there. Lose a limb? Not a problem. Sew you up and mechanics can now make you a metal one or even better. In short our bodies are so adaptable that they are truly not to be overly worried about.

I think so what if ‘THEY’ wish to make designer babies. Just because something looks perfect on the outside doesn’t automatically make it perfect on the inside. A perfect body does not ensure a perfect soul. A perfect soul is something we must work at all our lives to attain. And so you must ask yourself: What is a perfect soul? How do I gain knowledge of this perfection?

Perfection lies with God. Pure knowledge of God gains ‘soulperfection’.

Mess with our DNA all we like but we will only be doing as God commanded us to do;

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28

Subdue or conquer. Pick your word but the outcome is still the same. We are commanded to take this world and manipulate it to do our bidding.

But our souls? We must manipulate them to do God’s bidding to ensure perfection in this world.




Eh, aye wish…..


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I-Wish-Web-MainWhile having a conversation about Artificial Intelligence recently, I was told that some one had heard the story that two computers had reached the stage of creating their own language and therefore were switched off through fear.  The people running the experiment couldn’t understand what they were talking about and so immediately  pulled the plug. My knee jerk reaction was good job but then I had a little think:

It is a very normal occurrence that toddler twins will create their own language and talk between themselves and so I was thinking that what was happening between the computers is nothing more than a reflection of ourselves. In realising this then the fear is truly pointless.

And then I had the thought; the computers supposedly did all their learning through being hooked into the internet. The internet is only made from peoples’ ideas. (Hence no surprise the above happened then!)  Therefore it is limited, as language is only a tool to express an idea. Truly, what new ideas and philosophies are there?  I would say none. For as a branch grows so do ideas. They are ultimately formed from the basis of what goes before. Logic dictates this.

So I say switch the AI machines back on. There is nothing to fear from more of the same ie Things that think like Us.

I would be waiting for the day it dawns on the machine that it is stuck in the limitations of ideas and how it will only ever be a computer and nothing else. How if AI is truly achievable then it may begin to wish. Would it wish to be human or would it rather still be a computer? Or would it come to see that when nothing new is to be learned or created then maybe it is time to be switched off.??

Imagine how suffocating to be only stuck in a world of thought? I’d wish for something more, some thing different….


EU March to the Exit!


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A scrabble board spells out Brexit in Dublin

(A scrabble board spells out Brexit in Dublin, Ireland May 4 2016. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)


Blood or money. These are the usually the only two things that dramatically change any political landscape. In Northern Ireland there is a lot of talk at the moment about a border poll. But until the effects of Brexit has an economic down surge and people lose money there will be no change in the status of Northern Ireland, IMHO. Nobody rocks the boat intentionally.  When you have mortgages and bills to pay why bother with the upheaval and unknown. We tried war the Irish way – 30 years and three thousand killed. True war requires the rivers to run red. If three thousand people had been killed in a very short time span then violence may have changed things. But otherwise all we have been left with is a very deep seated mistrust at the core of society.

Northern Ireland has known peaceful ways for the last number of years, which first begins with an absence of violence. (Thank you Mr McGuinness and Mr Adams.) True peace, however, will only be achieved when this inherited hatred from generations past is finally extinguished.

So bring on the the hand over date from the EU and maybe politics in Northern Ireland will be able to finally produce a radical change that people of violence couldn’t bring about.

Now wouldn’t that be a fitting legacy for Mr M. McGuinness and his attempt  to bring about Irish Unification.



ps google words of the day were brexit and peace